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CWDM modules for spectral compaction

HHL packageModules based on single-frequency DFB laser diodes emitting at the wavelength of CWDM standard: 8 channels within the range of 1290 to 1430nm, with intervals of 20nm and 8 channels within the range of 1470 to 1610nm with intervals 20nm.

Field of application: with its narrow emission spectrum, (+/- 3nm), CWDM modules are successfully used in communication equipment that uses the principle of spectral compaction at transfer rate up to 2.5 Gbit /s.

The most frequently used models of laser diodes in analog and digital optical equipment

Model Radiating power,
Max. transfer rate
Type of housing
 OM-LD-CWDM-12XX  0.5...2.0 1290-1430 2500 4-pin
 OM-LD-CWDM-14XX  0.5...2.0 1470-1610 2500 4-pin

In addition, an integral part of the organization of the multiplexing and the demultiplexing is the passive optical part - MUX and DEMUX, which you can also order by selecting the required wavelength range.

Formula for orders:


OM-LD-CWDM - product type;
AAA – wavelength on CWDM standard;
B – transfer rate: up to 1250/2500 Mbit/s;
C – required optical power, mW;
D - optical output type: fiber - Đ*, socket - R;
E - presence of the insulator: without insulator- "-"*/ with insulator-²;
F – contact type- FC*/ST/LC/SC.

* — Basic design. Any individual requirements towards the products can be further specified.

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