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Analog sensors

The maximum possible distance between the analog sensors of physical quantities (except for touch sensors and level detectors) and the main unit or extension units is 30-50 m. depending on the type of cable used. For maximum extension we recommend UTP and STP cables to be used and to avoid flat telephone cables. Touch sensors and level detectors are activated at a distance of several miles.

 Temperature sensor 5500.500

Sensor required for measurement of indoor temperature.
Measurement range: (-40)?(+100).

 Outdoor temperature sensor 5500.501

Sensor required for measurement of outdoor temperature, it can also be used indoors.
Measurement range: - (-40)?(+100).

 Humidity sensor 5500.511

Sensor required for measurement of humidity 10-95% indoors with relative accuracy 5%.

 AC voltage monitor 5500.520

Sensor required for measurement of AC voltage from 0 to 250 V.

 DC voltage monitor 5500.525

Sensor required for measurement of DC voltage. Measurement range - from 0 to 60 V.

 Access sensor 5500.530

When installed on doors, windows, etc., the sensor controls the status of door / window: open / closed.

 Smoke detector 5500.560

When installed in rooms, cabinets, etc., the detector monitors the presence of smoke.

 PIR (motion) sensor 5500.570

It is used to control motion over the infrared range.

 Water leak sensor 5500.590

When water film contacts the metal cores, the sensor indicates emergence of moisture. It is possible to trigger the sensor at high humidity on its surface. In this case it is necessary to replace the sensor with a level sensor. Attention! The metal cores are detectors of water; they should be mounted strictly downwards as close as possible to the floor!

 Converter 4-20mA 5500.420

Converter, designed to measure the DC output of 4-20mA from different sensors and data conversion into format of IP monitoring systems. The system interface allows assigning the sensor and introducing the data conversion function. The sensor uses galvanic isolation of 3 kV per coupler.

 Water leak cable sensor 5500.591

When a detection cable is connected to it, it controls the emergence of the water. When the cable is wet by the water, the sensor indicates its presence in the course of a few seconds. It is possible the sensor to be activated at high humidity on its surface.

 Vibration sensor 5500.540

The sensor is used for installation on walls, windows, etc., and controls the vibrations of the surface. Vibration amplitude is adjustable.

Water detection cable 5559.050

Cable length: 50m, response time: 10-15 seconds.

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