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Photoreception modules for fiber-optic communication lines /FOCL/

LED Technologies Bulgaria offers high quality modules based on InGaAs PIN photodiodes, highly sensitive in the spectral range from 1100 to 1650nm, in uncooled housings with fiber coaxial outputs and in socket design.

We also offer modules based on InGaAs PIN photodiodes integrated in the low noise transimpedance amplifiers (PIN-TIA), as well as several models with built-in AGC system.

фотоприемнr модули за ВОКЛField of application:

  • in digital and analog equipment for FOCL;
  • in optical communication devices;
  • in fiber optic video transmitters;
  • in PDH and SDH equipment of level STM-1/4/8/16;
  • in equipment for digital and analog cable television (CATV);
  • in (Passive Optical Network);

The most frequently used models of photoreception modules in analog and digital optical equipment

Model  Sensitivity, dBm    Max. reception speed     Transmission Type of the housing
OM-PDA-155 -36 155 140 4-pin Pigtail
OM-PDA-155-R -36 155 140 4-pin Receptacle
OM-PDA-622 -31 622 450 4-pin Pigtail
OM-PDA-1250 -26 1250 1100 4-pin Pigtail
OM-PDA-2500 -21 2500 2000 4-pin Pigtail

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