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» LED Technologies Bulgaria is a representative of the Taiwanese company "Ficer Technology Co. Ltd", specialized in the production of active and passive equipment for optical fiber communications.
LED Technologies Bulgaria company is a representative of the Slovak company "VLAN", specialized in manufacturing of devices for monitoring, control and management of technical equipment for the needs of the business. Read more...

LED, photodiodes and products on their basis, unique LED lighting

Superbright LED in 3mm, 5mm and "piranha" body with narrow, medium and wide viewing angle. Power LED with Lambertian emitter.

Highly effective SMD LED: 3528 - on run-ning current 20mА and 5050 - with three chips in one body on running current 3х20 mА. Power SMD LED on AMOLUX ceramics; modules on their basis.

LED and photo- diodes from MID IR range – a perfect component for crea- ting new generation portable optical che- mical analysers.

LED and photo- diodes, completely covering MID IR range 1600÷5000nm

Lasers and modules, telecommunications equipment

Super powerful semiconductor lasers with average power up to 4W, impulse power up to 100W, applicable in medicine, cutting, welding, location.

Red, green and infrared single-mode laser diodes with power from 5 to 100mW, laser modules with collimating optics.

Laser and photo-receiving modules for fiber-optic comunication lines, optical transceivers, CWDM modules

Telecommunications equipment: multi- plexers, measuring equipment for fiber-optic comunications. CCTV

IP monitoring and analog sensors

Modules for IP monitoring

Analog sensors for humidity, temperatu- re, motion, pressure, smoke, water, etc..


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