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Optical transceiver modules (transceivers)

LED Technologies Bulgaria offers modules on the basis of uncooled MQW InGaAsP Fabry-Perot (or DFB) laser diode and InGaAs / InP PIN photosensors integrated with management and control circuit. They are available in industry standard housings 1x9-pin, SFP, SFF, GBIC with fiber outputs and in socket design.

Field of application: The modules have a wide operating temperature range, high stability of the parameters, low self noise and are designed to work in digital fiber-optic communication lines with a length of 120 km and transfer rate up to 2500 Mbit /s. Widespread models for duplex communication operating at two standard wavelengths of 1310 and 1550 nm and models designed for use in the modern communication equipment using the principle of spectral compaction (cWDM).

New development module of the series OM-TRD-X can be optimized with transfer rate 2/8/34/155, high receiver sensitivity up to -50 dBm, is prepared in a plastic housing with standard 1x9pin with fiber outputs and socket design. Field of use FAST Ethernet, fddi, atm, stm-1 (oc-3) and others. Type of the processed signals - balanced codes of type BEF, CMI, 4B / 5B and others.

Model Max. Transfer rate Mbit/s Wavelength, nm Sensitivity, dBm

The modules are offered:

  • in any type of housing-1X9 pin, SPF, SFF and GBIC,
  • for any distance - from 2 to 120 km,
  • for each transfer rate - from 2 to 2500 Mbit/s.

Formula for orders:


OM-TRD - product type;
A – type of the housing -1X9*/SPF/SFF/GBIC;
B – Required data transfer rate - Mbit/s;
C - type of the transceiver: 1 – single fiber, 2* -dual fiber, 3 - WDM;
D – working distance, km;
E – optical output type: socket - R*, fiber - ;
F – contact type- SC*/ST/LC/FC;
G -  Fiber type- SM*/MM (50 or 62.5 mkm);
H – Supply voltage - 5*/3.3V.

*  - Basic design. Any individual requirements towards the products can be further specified.


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